What do Hypnotherapy and Rachmaninoff have in common?

I was listening recently to a local classical radio station and heard what appeared to be a throw away comment about Rachmaninoff having received hypnotherapy to help him overcome severe depression and self-doubt.

This debilitating period saw a dampening of his creativity leading to an inability to compose and effectively function for nearly three years.

Finally in 1900, Rachmaninoff sought treatment, and for a period of three months he received an individualised hypnotherapy and psychotherapy program on a daily basis.

This ultimately enabled him to begin composing again, get his personal life back on track and go on to be considered one of the world’s most famous composers and piano virtuosos.

The world can only imagine, as I sure Rachmaninoff did himself, as to what he could have achieved in all aspects of his life, if he had of had the capacity to take action and seek treatment earlier.

As the example of Rachmaninoff shows us, depression, self doubt, fear of criticism, fear of failure, are not just afflictions of today’s society, but unfortunately appear to be an inherent fabric of being human down through the ages.

But how long do we, or our loved ones, have to suffer and continue to allow these conditions to prevent us from working, expressing our creativity, building meaningful relationships, enjoying the little details of day to day life and ultimately living the life that we are here to live.

If hypnotherapy was good enough for Rachmaninoff and countless other ‘famous” people, to help them overcome their issues, then surely we deserve the same opportunity?

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, self-doubt, fear of criticism, fear of failure, hypnotherapy can provide a treatment with individualised programs to ensure that you too can achieve your goals and potential.

Take action today.

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