Addictions & Dependencies

Do you believe that the drinking, gambling, drug taking, or whatever other substance or activity, is required for you to function and is becoming a compulsive behaviour?

Is ‘it’ required for you to meet an emotional or physical need such as to feel secure, relaxed or in control and you are having to engage more and more in the behaviour to get the same result?

Addiction will be taking a toll on you and your total environment and can have some devastating consequences.

And there is some part of you that acknowledges the impact and wants to stop but there is another part of you that either doesn’t want to or believes that you can’t.

If you can no longer justify your behaviour, and want your needs met in a healthier way then it is time to seek some assistance.

If you feel that this is the time to take action, make some real changes in your life and get back on your Paths to Positiviti,
then call 0409 601 771 or

The initial 30-minute consultation is obligation free. This is where we will determine what the issues are and how to best to structure a therapeutic plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

Results can vary from person to person