Do you have a fear that is out of control and is affecting other parts of your life?

Is the object of your fear a constant threat that has you imagining all the possible “what if’s” that could occur should you have to encounter it and are finding that you go out of your way to avoid any possible exposure?

It may be irrational to those who are not experiencing what you are, whether it is a fear of spiders, flying, snakes, heights or a multitude of other things, but for you it is all consuming and often debilitating!

Over the years, you have found ways to cope with the fear, but this doesn’t have to be the way you handle yourself in the future!

If you feel that this is the time to take action, make some real changes in your life and get back on your Paths to Positiviti,
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The initial 30-minute consultation is obligation free. This is where we will determine what the issues are and how to best to structure a therapeutic plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

Results can vary from person to person