PTSD & Trauma

Witnessing a traumatic event can be difficult to deal with to the point that you may feel permanently changed by what has happened.

The memories of the scenes you have witnessed may continue to intrude on you during the day so that you avoid situations that could be a trigger and at night you may relive these through vivid, unpleasant dreams causing you to be re-traumatised.

And you may be experiencing feelings of fear, helplessness, guilt and grief
which can be so strong that you feel as if you are going mad or losing control.

Society in general does not provide enough acknowledgement and support for people like you who have gone through a trauma, and while it may have been beneficial to have received some earlier or more appropriate help, now is the time to process the trauma so that you can get on with your life.

If you feel that this is the time to take action, make some real changes in your life and get back on your Paths to Positiviti,
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The initial 30-minute consultation is obligation free. This is where we will determine what the issues are and how to best to structure a therapeutic plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

Results can vary from person to person