Clinical Hypnotherapy –¬†Balmain and Innerwest

A modern approach that looks at the underlying reason for our behaviour and encourages us to take personal responsibility for making changes in our life.

The subconscious mind is the source of the all that we believe ourselves to be and subsequently also our limiting beliefs and problems.

By utilising an altered state of consciousness or a hypnotic trance state the intention is to narrow the focus of attention to see what is actually going on within ourselves and begin the search for solutions and positive outcomes.

To change our limiting beliefs and unwanted habits, to unlock our true potential and inner resources and to find solutions to our problems we need to bypass the conscious, rational mind while positively influencing the subconscious with the aid of beneficial suggestions, and other therapeutic techniques such as psychotherapy and NLP.

This is a collaborative process that is responsive to your individual needs with a tailored approach that allows for the possibility of change and the achievement of desired goals and outcomes at the pace you need to work at.