Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Consciousness is

  • the portal to expanded states of awareness
  • the remembrance that we encompass all aspects of Consciousness
  • to remind us that we are a part of all there is beyond time, space and reality
  • to remember that we are multidimensional beings
  • to remember that we are Spirit beings having a human experience
  • seeks to transcend the trauma of the human condition as a way to assist humanity rise above the current energies we are experiencing


  • what we do for ourselves , we do for another
  • to return to simplicity
  • you are everything that you are seeking
  • we are going to what is already present within us
  • to become aware of the connectedness


  • time is an illusion
  • we are part of a collective energy beyond ourselves
  • our beliefs, not our genes, are our reality
  • we are all connected as part of the Divine Matrix
  • we exist in different realms simultaneously
  • consciousness is tangible

The Essence of Quantum Consciousness:

  • The Creator Effect: we are here for the creation of deep and profound healing, embracing the energy of selfless service
  • Intanglement: we open a portal to deeper realms of consciousness
  • Everywhereness: we flow with the energy to where the greatest wisdom may be offered
  • Holographic Healing: as we raise the vibration on each realm of consciousness we send a wave of wisdom through all others